Robotic Bunny Heads

Beware the bodieless Bunnies!

Beware the bodieless Bunnies!

These things escaped from my computer but luckily I managed to get a photo. No one would have believed me otherwise. Note to self. Experimenting on cartoon animals is wrong. Stop doing it!

Vector Illustration done in Xara Xtreme Effects done with Depth of field Pro.

4 thoughts on “Robotic Bunny Heads

  1. When I did it Xtreme didn’t have a blur filter. In Xtreme pro 4 I used the soft focus plug in. DOF gives a nice blended focus effect and is much better suited to 3d output where you can run out a gray scale depth channel.
    Using it with Xtreme you have to create your own gray scale image to set how far away from the camera things are.
    An experiment

  2. Hi there. It is the K2 theme. Pretty much as is but with my own banner. The Thumb gallery on the side is a plug in called the Gallery widget. And that’s pretty much it.

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