A Life of Crime


The above is my first attempt to make money digitally on my PC. I could be rich beyond my wildest dreams. RICH I TELL YOU! RICH! Ha ha ha ha …

On reflection,  with the price of ink cartridges being what they are, maybe I should have started my life of crime with something with a little higher denomination and the correct currency for the country I live in.

This forgery was the basis for an illustration about the American economy, for Pearson publishing.

AniMates – Animated Avatars

dotty gif animationstripes gif animation

I’ve been a beta tester for the team at Smith Micro Graphics for a while now, but over the past year and a half I actually got to work with them on the development of their new messenger app. It’s a fun way to send customized talking character messages from your phone, and I designed and animated some of those characters as well as creating the backgrounds.

AniMates Messenger has just launched in the US and Canada on the Google Play Store and Itunes store, and will eventually roll out to the rest of the world. Sadly, it seems that none of my devices is compatible with the app. So, if you have compatibility and are in the USA or Canada, and have given it a try I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Tech bits:

I used Anime Studio pro for the animation but the big surprise for me was being introduced to Manga Studio by the team. Previously I had done my roughs in Sketch book pro and my colour models in Xara Graphic designer pro. Manga Studio quickly took over those stages and, as it exports cmky psd files, has also become my program of choice for print illustration. If you draw or illustrate on a computer you should really give it a go. I also use TVpaint for any frame by frame rough animation I need.

Bye bye!

Hans gif animation  diva gif animation


The Mango Point


I have just finished a grueling short schedule Illustration job with 166 artworks. The thing that kept me going through the long hours was the fact that somewhere after half way through the project there was a large pocket of really simple Illustrations. The simplest of these was a Mango and that became  my target. Once I hit the ‘Mango Point’ I knew I could make the deadline and stress levels would melt away.

We are now looking for the Mango Point in all our projects

A site for sore eyes


We’ve been refreshing our Mo Choy Design site – well, mainly the portfolio which now includes some more recent web and interactive work, as well as separate sections for web design, illustration and animation. It seems like the whole world is converging  print, digital and interactive so why shouldn’t we.

We hope you enjoy looking at it and that it doesn’t hurt your eyes!
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