Happy New Year of the Sheep

Animation of a cartoon sheep

Happy New Year of the Sheep!

… or is that goat? From a language point of view, sheep and goats are the same in Chinese. It’s the same word as they’re just variations of the same animal; a goat is basically a sheep up a mountain!

Regarding the Chinese zodiac, people born in the year of the Sheep are thought to be peace-loving, thoughtful, and kind, but with a tendency to be overly anxious, not very well organised, and a bit pessimistic! If you were born in the year of the Sheep (your age in this lunar year is divisible by 12) then it’s your year, starting today, February 19th 2015. Get out there and shake your fleece (or whatever it is sheep do).

The wonder of Chinese New Year is that it creeps up on you just when you thought your ‘new year, new you’ resolutions had all gone to pot, giving you the opportunity to have another go. So Happy New Year! Here’s a little GIF, proving that ‘you are what you think’ … so make them  good thoughts.

Thinking of ewe in the Year of the Sheep (see what I did there?)

Love Pong Rematched

So how did you get on with our little love gift to you last year?

Well it’s back! Love Pong now has sound and a single-player option (to test your compatibility with technology instead of a human being) for those of you who prefer to play without the interference of someone telling you you’re doing it wrong.

Click on the image to play Love Pong in the browser

Click on the image to play Love Pong in the browser

It’s also available from the Chrome Web Store, Google Play and Firefox Marketplace. So get some practice in before Valentine’s Day.

And it’s FREE … because we believe love shouldn’t cost. If it does, you should perhaps reconsider your idea of what love is. (Free relationship advice too! … You’re welcome.)

Get it on Google Play



A Life of Crime


The above is my first attempt to make money digitally on my PC. I could be rich beyond my wildest dreams. RICH I TELL YOU! RICH! Ha ha ha ha …

On reflection,  with the price of ink cartridges being what they are, maybe I should have started my life of crime with something with a little higher denomination and the correct currency for the country I live in.

This forgery was the basis for an illustration about the American economy, for Pearson publishing.