Love Pong.

Love Pong

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I give you Love Pong. A Valentines e-card that got way out of hand.

This started life as an experimental game of Pong in Construct2 but with Valentines approaching two cherubs batting a heart around seemed like a good idea and I roped in My wife and Business partner Mo. The whole attempt to get something that worked, was amusing and didn’t look too bad in less that a week was a bit of a challenge but was an incredible learning experience. We hope to polish up the game when we get a little bit more time.

Production Facts

  • Mo was originally an illustrator way back when we were at college (She is a designer now). She painted the backgrounds digitally and this is the first time she has done painting of any kind this century.
  • We have still not managed to get the high score.
  • Siamese cats are no help at all when building anything interactive.

Give it a go and let us know what you think.


Life, one meal at a time …

Miss Hathorn's Home

Life, one meal at a time …

Our talented friend Miss HatHorn, aka Sharon Smith, has designed, directed and animated her first independent film. This ten minute adaptation of a piece of prose by Frank Key was shown at the Bradford Animation Festival in November. The full film, A Recipe for Gruel, can be viewed at the nominations for the British Animation Awards at the BFI on 8th February (and at other venues around the country). We can’t wait to see it!

But, if you can’t make that, you can see the trailer, some of the beautiful drawings, and much more of Sharon’s work, on the Miss HatHorn site … which, incidentally, we built and designed the custom templates for.

The Year of the Horse

The Chinese New Year of the Horse begins on 31st January 2014. If your age within this year is divisible by 12 then you were born in the year of the Horse.

Shakespeare was born in 1564 which, inconveniently, was the year of the Rat. Click the image to see his horse instead!

Painted in Manga Studio, Animated in Anime studio and built in Construct 2 which seems to be my post Flash work Flow. It’s not without its challenges ( I’m looking at you HTML5 audio ) But it feels good to escape the tyranny of the vector.

Kung Hei Fat Choi !

PS. Chinese New Year celebrations go on for 2 weeks which gives you plenty of time to send this card from

Ventriloquist Christmas

A Nerry Christnass to one and all!

ventriloquist Christmas

This year’s animated Christmas daftness.

As Flash animation is so old hat this is html5, which is all the rage! It should play on all devices but, as the technology is still in its infancy, the audio may not work on some mobile devices. For those who have that problem, and are not proficient at lip reading ice creams, the dummy is saying “Nerry Christnass everygoddy!”

If you are in need of last minute Christmas e-cards I’ve posted this along with most of my previous animated Christmas offerings on my Squeakycards site. Feel free to spread the good will!

For those who are interested in the technicalities, the animation was done in Anime Studio and the interactivity in Motion Artist.

Jingle on!